Last Month's
Coolest Little Shits.


After an overwhelming amount of entries from around the world, the judge finally got her shit in order and picked some amazing work. We will reach out to the Winners to get you direct feedback, free beers and some quality one-on-one time with the judge.
Better luck next time to everyone else who entered.

You guys are THE SHIT, indeed.


may 2017

Devika Dalal

The Shit that won.

Liam Moss & Nicholas Faust


Congrats dudes!
The judges will reach out to you to set up a meet-and-beer.
Get ready to impress the shit out of them,
make a friend and get reco'd for a job!

The Shit that came
so close to winning.

Lennart Schoterman & Richard Bushoff

In a different light

Kevin Holden & Tessa Kasinkas

Snapchat: Stories

Congrats on getting so close to winning! You guys are awesome.
The judges will personally email you guys with feedback and advice on how to get hired.

Shortlisted Shit.

Jihye Han & Seona Kim


Philip Tabah & Drew Weber

Chapters by Kindle

Some pretty good shit. You're heading in the right direction.
The judge thinks you should still put it in your book and continue pushing it.