A contest with judges
that give a shit. Or two.

We were tired of the same run-of-the-mill contest. You know, the ones where busy CCO's, ECD's, and GCD's glance at your work for .0001 seconds and...that's about it. So...

we made a contest that helps get you hired.


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They were just in your shoes.
Now they're your ticket in.

Our judges are working at big-time agencies, working on big-time campaigns.
But they themselves aren’t “big-time.” Yet.

They are the talented fresh-meat. They are the ones coming up with the ideas.
And they are the ones who can help get you hired.


Mo' Money. Mo' Beer.


Our winners receive personalized feedback, and the grand prize winner receives a one-on-one phone call / beer or brunch meet-up with the judge, who has the magical power to recommend you for a fucking job.