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Submitting The Goods

What are the dates and deadlines?

15th of each month at 11:59 PM EST, we reveal a new brief and the results of the last judge.
You can also find this on the "How To" page.
We suggest you read it before applying. New York time (EST) is used to determine the time of day. 

How many submissions can I enter?

As many as you want, just make sure they’re great.
No pressure, though. Do your thing. You be you and all that. 

How is my work judged?

With an intense round of rock, paper, scissors.

Jk, jk.

Each judge has their own criteria for judging, and they will specify this in their brief. We also make sure the judge sees the work ONLY, without your name or background info that could subconsciously swing their decision. (This is actually a huge problem in the ad universe – part of the reason there are so few women and minorities – called an unconscious bias, and you can find more info about it here)

How well “executed” does my idea have to be to win?

Just do whatever it takes to sell your idea, and in the best, most polished way possible. 

Again, no pressure. It's all cool. Just remember though: winning is everything.

Where do I submit an entry?

Click on one of the many buttons that say ENTER NOW. Like that one.


How should my entry be presented?

Unless the brief asks for a specific medium, you can present your idea to the judge in whatever way you see fit. Use your judgement. Bad pun intended. 

The only thing we ask is that you link your idea with a URL. So upload your work on a website or hosting service like Vimeo, Dropbox, Google drive (or any URL that makes it easy for the judge to see your work), and have the link ready before submitting. But please, DO NOT USE WeTransfer. Judges need time to view your work and WeTransfer expires too fast. It's literally the worst when a judge can't see your work. 

You can link your work straight to your portfolio, too! Just be sure the URL links straight to your submission, so it's easy for the judge to find. 

Does my idea have to be integrated or include a digital component?

Unless the judge specifies, that's really up to you to decide. In other words, we don't give a f*ck. But the judge might. 

Do my ideas have to be fully produced?

No. Just make it great enough for the judge to say, “I need to get this person / team / zoo animal hired." Yes, zoo animals can apply to the briefs, too. We don't discriminate. 

My idea relies on technology that may or may not exist. Can I enter it?

Please make it as realistic as possible, and don’t make up technology that doesn’t exist “yet”. In other words, if you were to execute your idea tomorrow, you should actually be able to execute it.

Can I change the work once I've entered it?

If you can change what’s in your supplied URL without anyone noticing, then do it. If not but you made a big boo boo in your entry contact and we’ll help you out.

Does the work have to be in English?

Yes, and if you must submit in a foreign language, please use English subtitles.  

So I'm planning on winning...

How will this contest help get me hired?

Advertising is a small and well-knit community. So, making contacts is essential no matter how experienced you are. If you win Young Shits you make a contact who’s seriously considering recommending you to their agency. And because some companies give employees a recommendation bonus, if you’re talented, everyone wins. Plus, an average of 33% of people recommended for a position are HIRED. 

Note: While this is a great opportunity to make a valuable contact and a recommendation can go a long way, every agency's recruiting system is different. Therefore we cannot guarantee that the winners will get jobs. Sad face. 

How does this one-on-one session thing work?

If you win, you and the judge will have a one-on-one session of some sort. The judge and you will email, figure out a date and what medium works best for the both of you (a phone call, Skype session, or a real human contact meet up, to name some examples). The date this session occurs will of course depend on both your schedules, and where in the world you both live. 

If you are having trouble contacting your judge or scheduling the session, please contact and we'll help you out. We're cool like that. 

What positions can I be recommended for?

Anything. You tell the judge.

Copywriter, art director, or both (if you’re a magical unicorn), designer, window washer. Doesn’t matter, once you make the contact they can recommend you for whatever.

I’m an international student, can you help me get hired at my dream agency in my dream country?

Here are three main things we recommend:

  1. APPLY FOR CONTESTS, and win them (this will help your Visa process). 

  2. Get recommended by someone who works at that agency (like a Young Shits judge, duh!). We are also happy to write a letter that states your participation and accomplishments in Young Shits. Email for assistance.

  3. Intern in the country you want to work at. It will increase your chances by 1000%.

Can I even enter this damn thing?

Who is eligible to submit entries?

Students or recent graduates no more than a year out of school.

If you’re a student or recent grad, part-time or full-time, portfolio school, college or university, you’re eligible. Doesn’t matter how old you are, either.

And if you are more than a year out of school, you can enter into our Professional Category!

This contest is for people looking to work in the top 1 percent of advertising, so if that’s you, apply now. If it's not you, then you should probably stop reading this and go do something else with your life. Like ice fishing.  

Do I have to be a US citizen to be eligible?

Nope. You can be from anywhere in the world, just like our judges. 


Do I have to work at an ad agency to enter into the professional category?

Nope. You can be a professional ice fisher for all we care (also I think I just realized that I really want to learn to ice fish). Anywho, the point is that we want to give everyone a chance to work their way into the ad world.

Just remember to enter into the professional category, not student if you're more than a year out of school, be sure. 

Do you check if people are eligible to participate?

You bet. If you're a student and you win, we may ask for a student ID, tuition statement or some other form of proof.

Can I get help from people who aren't eligible to enter?

Yes. Use whatever resources you have at your disposal to better your idea, as long as they're okay with getting no credit.

Can I participate in the student category if I’m not an advertising student or in portfolio school?

Definitely. The advertising industry welcomes people from all walks of life. And the more interesting your backstory is, the better.

Can teams of three or more apply?

Only teams of two or individuals can apply. No more than two people. Ad agencies tend to hire teams or individuals, so when you win and your contact recommends you for a job, we want to give you and your potential teammate the best chance possible at getting hired.

I’m interning at an ad agency. Do I apply for the student or professional category?

If you're less than a year out of school, apply for the student category. If you're more than a year out of school, apply for the professional category. If you are EXACTLY a year out of school, like, to the DAY, then round up and stop being a big piece of poop who counts days.  

If I’m late entering, can I get an extension?

No guarantees, but email to see what we can do. Late fees may apply.

Legal things and Other questions


Who owns the work submitted to Young Shits?

Neither the Young Shits team nor the creatives judging the work reserve the rights or claim ownership of any work submitted to Young Shits.

For case studies, should we only use royalty free music and stock footage?

While Young Shits has no restrictions on what music or stock footage you use, we do recommend taking caution when posting the video on Youtube, Vimeo etc., as they will have their own set of rules when it comes to copyright. So going royalty free is your best bet. But you probably already know these things, because you are all savvy cool students who know things. 

Can I enter my Young Shits campaigns in other award shows?

Yes, unless the other shows have rules against it.

I’m not ready to get hired yet because I’m still studying / traveling / napping / just want to have fun. Is it still worth it to apply?

Definitely. Making personal, human contacts is vital in this industry, especially contacts from people working in top agencies. Make the contacts now, and they’ll help you when you’re ready to get hired.

Why is an industry contact such a big deal anyway?

Contacts in this industry are everything. It’s part of the reason you pay for portfolio school and internships. This is just a way to streamline that process by earning an impressive contact at a great agency. 

I still have a frequently asked question that isn’t on this frequently asked questions list. Way to go, FAQ person. Who should I contact?

Damn it Kevin, I knew you missed something. Please contact and make Kevin repent for what he's done.