This month’s brief is from
Marina Beldi, BBH,NYC.

SUBMIT BY MAY 15, 2019 11:59 EST.


Millennials spend 44% of their income on food, and 80% of that is spent on takeaway and fast food alone.

In the meantime, fast food delivery companies (Postmates, caviar, uber eats, etc..) or meal prep delivery companies (Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Green Chef, etc..) are extremely popular, but these companies generate more garbage and waste than if millennials cooked their own meals. Additionally, studies have proven that cooking is therapeutic, can release daily stress and lower cortisol levels (hormones generated by stress and anxiety). So, why aren’t people cooking more? A cooking millennial will not only eat healthier and reduce waste, but their mind will also be healthier. And with 1 and 4 millennials having some sort of mental health issue, this is no laughing matter.


Create a compelling & insightful campaign piece, activation, or guerilla stunt to bring awareness around the benefits of cooking at home.

Don’t use a Delivery / Supermarket POV for this campaign.

You aren’t selling a product. You are selling an experience.

Marina Beldi

Marina Beldi

Marina Beldi

Marina is from an Italian family but born in Brazil but lived in 10 different countries and travelled around 81 countries, that said she isn’t sure what citizenship she feels she belongs since she has been living in international waters for so long.

Marina started her career as an entrepreneur at the age of 11 investing in the stock market but pursued a career in Graphic & Textile Design. After her master in textile design, she realized that advertising was the right combination of her creative and entrepreneur sides so she changes once again her career. Today she is an ACD in BBH New York and a Miami Ad School teacher and, on the side, she holds a travel journal about her trip.