This month’s brief is from
Oscar Gierup, McCann,NYC.

SUBMIT BY JUN 15, 2019 11:59 EST.


As a student you get to make a lot of spec work. That’s good and all, but what’s really cool to see is creatives that believe in an idea or cause so much they actually produce it themselves. 

So I want you to do just that - find an interesting insight and idea, and bring it to life. I want you to actually make or create it. Do it for a cause you care about, or promote yourself as a creative - you can do anything, but the important thing is that you make something that will exist in the real world. 

The insight, the idea and the execution - that’s the three things I will take into consideration when I’m judging your work. 

Those are two great examples of projects that creatives made themselves:

Alternative Facts: The Game

Designed for Chloe, Made for Droga

Oscar Gierup

Oscar Gierup
McCann, NYC

Oscar Gierup

Oscar is an art director at McCann New York. He’s originally from Sweden but moved to San Francisco to start Miami Ad School. While in school he interned at Droga5 and Grey New York among other agencies.