This month’s brief is from
Chiyeung Lau, Anomaly,NYC.

SUBMIT BY APRIL 15, 2019 11:59 EST.



People are not vaccinating their children. Measles outbreaks in states like Washington and New York are causing public health officials to scramble for a way to contain the disease. Despite these outbreaks, anti-vaccination rallys are still occurring as the battle between lawmakers and anti-vaccination activists rages on.


Today, measles, smallpox, mumps, polio and yellow fever are mostly gone, due to mandatory immunization. But that means people have forgotten how horrible the diseases are. This has contributed to the rise of the anti-vax movement. Though all 50 states make specific vaccines mandatory, most states allow exemption for religious beliefs. 18 states allow so-called philosophical exemptions, which offer a wide range of reasons to opt out.


Your task is simple: change the mind of anti-vaxers and get them to vaccinate their children. Create something so provocative that they can’t help but put their picket signs away and say, “You’re right. I’m going to vaccinate my children so they don’t die or get extremely ill.” It doesn’t matter what your execution is. Do whatever you feel can get this job done.


End the anti-vaccination movement forever.


Do your research and really understand the history of the Anti-Vax movement. What makes these activists tick? Why do they believe in the things to do? What has contributed to their cognitive dissonance?

Chiyeung Lau

Chiyeung Lau
Anomaly, NYC

Chiyeung Lau

Chiyeung Lau is currently a copywriter at Anomaly New York. He works on a variety of brands like Reese’s, Hershey,, Vroom, and more. In his spare time he likes to go on hikes, work on his short stories and read books from his never ending library. His favorite author is Yiyun Li.