This month’s brief is from
Nechama Muchnik, 72andSunny, NYC.



Neti Pot is the best and most natural way to get rid of mucus. If you don't know what it is, you should because it's life changing. So life changing in fact, it has a cult following. People swear by it. Including myself.

But Neti Poti is also weird and a little gross. It turns people off and makes them run in the other direction. The direction leading towards the strongest, most toxic decongestants out there.

So your brief is simple: Convert Neti Pot phobes into cult followers. Or at least get them to consider trying it for the first time when they're browsing the decongestant aisle.

*Pick any brand of Neti Pot

*Must try Neti Pot to participate. Just kidding, but highly encouraged.

*This should be a 360 campaign. Whatever executions work for you. I'm a big fan of killer lines and PR stunts, but like, who isn't? Just focus on creating a campaign that makes sense - whatever media that may require.


-People do a lot of weirder stuff - like read horoscopes and believe them, but they refuse to try Neti pot

-Neti pot is the most natural way to get rid of mucus and doesn't add dangerous toxins to your body.

-Neti pot is much cheaper than decongestants

-Neti pot doesn't always replace decongestants, but helps alongside. Especially if a cold or allergies are winding down.

-Do more research on Neti pot benefits. Reddit is a great place to start.


Nechama Muchnik,
Anomaly, NYC.


Nechama is a Copywriter at 72andSunny NYC working with very talented people on brands like Dosist, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Smartwater.

Currently Nechama is working on brushing her teeth for two minutes at a time, per dentist recommendation, but continues to struggle through the last quadrant.

She enjoys breaking the rules of breakfast, reasonable walks on the beach, and speaking to the NSA when they listen in on her every phone call.