This month’s brief is from
Jilly Ko, TBWA/Chiat/Day, NYC.



You’ve probably witnessed multiple accounts of it. Every day, dogs around the world are
unknowingly being choked during their daily walks. And the problem comes down to
what’s around their neck: collars. *insert dramatic case study music*

But seriously speaking, walking a dog with a leashed collar puts undesirable tension on
their neck, resulting in a long list of health issues that put these pet’s lives at risk.

Luckily, Lucky has a healthier alternative in the form of a dog harness. A harness
disperses pressure over a larger area of the body and reduces strain on their furry little
necks and backs.

So, here’s your brief: Spread awareness around the benefits of using a dog
harness over dog collar.

  • Use any dog harness brand or have it come from any brand/non-profit that could
    promote the well-being of pets and animals.

  • Create a campaign that can come to life in many forms and shows off a unique

  • Find the right tone that’s approachable. Whether it’s witty, enlightening, or tear-jerking, make it a conversation people would want to join in on and not feel
    lectured by.

  • I usually gravitate towards the unexpected. Something that has strong
    positioning, has an attitude, and pokes fun at the daily norms. Whatever way you
    come at it, the goal is to get people to opt for harness over collar.

Some thought starters:
Which big brands can have a say in this?
What would be the most unexpected partnership?
How do we show this through pop culture?
What would people share?
Do all dogs go to heaven? (Terrible joke)

Jilly Ko

Jilly Ko,
TBWA/Chiat/Day, NYC.

Jilly Ko

As a copywriter at TBWA\CHIAT\DAY NY, Jilly spends most of her days working with extremely
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