10 ways ad agencies differ from typical office jobs

I had a regular office job once. I was some sort of number-crunching marketing person (can’t really remember anymore, must’ve blocked it from my memory), and let me tell you the ad office life is quite different from the reg office life. Apart from the passive aggressive fridge letters and accidental reply-all emails.

Here are the ad life perks:


  1. Endless Free Food!


They do it so you stay at the office longer, but whatever. It’s free and it’s (sometimes) delicious.


2. If you aren’t busy, then leave

There’s none of that painful watching of the clock and dashing out at 5:59pm. If you have nothing to do, most of the time you can just go. You’ll have plenty of all-nighters to make up for it.


3. Procrastination is completely accepted

[Morning email about a task that will take 20 minutes to do.] “Hey, can you get this done by today?”

“hmmm. I’ll try.”

*7 hours of Youtube and 20 minutes of work later*

“Here you go! Sorry it’s so last minute, I was super swamped today.”

It’s all fun and games until you’re waiting on someone else’s procrastination, though.


4. Most of the work is as fun as a dog rolling in a ball pit

The procrastination might be real, but when you do get around to doing some work you realize how fun it is. Which is a lot nicer than opening Excel and wanting to die.

ball pit.gif


5. The Parties, though

So much drinking, so much networking, so many shiny trophies, so much fun.


6. Youtube videos and Buzzfeed are “research”

Yup. I have taken inspiration from at least 2 Buzzfeed articles in my time, as sad as that may be. 


7. Lots of weird shit. Always.

You know it’s an ad agency when you walk in and see a giant Babybel Wax sculpture in the hall. It’s as horrifying as it is impressive.


8. Email Lyfe: Gifs on gifs on gifs

Creative department emails are like Saturday morning cartoons: bright, loud and oddly satisfying when you’re hungover.

email lyfe.gif


9. Desk toys aren’t reserved for the creepy IT guy

Kinetic sand, dolls and little plastic cars from whatever kid’s brand you’re working on, inflatable donuts and a lot of other weird shit lives on a creative’s desk. And nobody will judge you for it.


10. Social Media sites will NEVER be blocked. Like wtf is that anyways.

Srsly. It’s a free-for-all Facebook frenzy. Go nuts. 


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