How much do agencies pay??

Let's talk about something that's actually useful to you: salaries. 

I have no idea why there's so much stigma around this topic, but it needs to end. Students have the right to know how much they'll be making without people accusing them of "selling out" and "only caring about money." Fuck that. Money pays for beer.

It's also dangerous for you guys to go in blind and potentially be taken advantage of and underpaid. So here are some salary stats from a 2015 salary survey by VCU:

As you can see, as a junior CW or AD (copywriter and art director), you seem to earn an average of $49-50k per year. But fear not! Life gets better. Also you can make bank if you freelance.

View the full survey on VCU's website. Thanks for being awesome VCU!

And thank you for being awesome, little shits. Now go forth and prosper. Literally.