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OCT 15, 11:59PM EST


Tori Nygren


Tori Nygren

TORI's Brief



Design the next generation of music festivals.

Music festivals are ubiquitous these days. From Bonnaroo to Coachella to Gov Ball, every major city seems to have a 3-day festival. And they’re starting to all feel the same.
Design a completely novel music festival experience. Your idea could be as ambitious as the first festival held in space to as simple as a rechargeable cell phone charger that’s also a beer that’s also your ticket in. 
You are the festival host. You are in charge. And your imagination is the limit. Create a concept. And sell it to me. 



  • Use insights/psychology/science to back up your ideas. I’m a psych nerd, so let’s nerd out!
  • Think about all five senses. What would this smell like? What would this feel like? What would this taste like?
  • Make a pitch deck. Sell me on the idea.
  • Get crazy. Be weird. Then get weirder. Make me say WOWZERS.