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JULY 15, 11:59PM EST




Pedro Sampaio

PEDRO's Brief

Polarised AF



In 2017 we live in an extremely polarized world.

Everyone has the urge to judge and share their personal opinion instead of analyzing and empathizing with others.

People more and more have been encouraged to pick a side and be against the other it being political, religious, sexual etc. But understanding each other is the first step to create collective conscience about the world.


Create a piece that helps people to understand we’re all different sides of the same coin and we might have more things in common than we think.

Your only goal is to create an insightful campaign, web experience, guerrilla campaign (or whatever form your idea has) that proves a point and makes people think from a different angle about this issue.

You can either be super specific, tackling only political differences amongst people but also you can be fun, abstract and light hearted. 

For example, everyone loves pizza, so you try to prove your point using pizza as your device. Be original.


The Only Requirement:

After the competition, you should be able to actually make it in the real world as an art project. The winner teams can count on me during the production process to bring the idea to life.


Refugee Nation:

Occupy George:

My Drunk Uncle at Thanksgiving: