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AUGUST 15, 11:59PM EST


gage young

droga5 NYC

Gage Young

gage's Brief

“The Yellow Lego of Elon”



In the year 2065, Elon Musk suddenly evaporates into thin air.
He’s left his fortune and the keys to his entire empire all to you.

A 2x4 yellow Lego brick is also left behind. You find it by stepping on it in the bonus room above Elon’s garage. There’s an inscription spanning all four sides:

"I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary. E.M. 2k40”

You tuck the lego in your pocket. It’s kind of randomly-weird, yet inspiring. And in a rush of irrational thinking and childlike curiosity, You create a non-profit project called The Yellow Lego of Elon.

Time to change the world. Maybe.


Create a launch campaign for The Yellow Lego of Elon. It can have everything to do with Lego..

Or it can just be in the name.

That part is entirely up to you :)


You have the fortune, now
— Do something with it!



Gage Young



From one shit head to the other, Hello!
My name is Gage.
I work as a creative at Droga5 in New York City.
No fluff about me.
This is about Elon Musk and Lego’s.

Get to work.