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DEC 15, 11:59PM EST




Diana Perez

DIANA's Brief


The issue:

In light of recent cultural uproar à la Harvey Weinstein, Roy Moore, Louis C.K., Terry Richardson and countless other influential men… the floodgates of sexual assault have opened. And so has the nationwide conversation.

 But unfortunately, sexual assault will still be a problem even when Weinstein’s pervy face will inevitably make its way to the bottom of our feeds and back of our minds. And though social movements like #Metoo have made a massive headway towards shifting societal attitude, it leaves a large demographic from participating in the dialogue:

Men. Lads. Dudes.
Fellas. Blokes. Boys.

Statistically, 1 in 3 women will be sexually assaulted by a man in their lifetime, but rarely do men publicly speak out against the issue. Which means that the men who aren’t committing the crime, are ignoring it all together. And since only 15% of all sexual assaults are reported, silence only adds fuel to the flame.

I get it. Sexual assault isn’t something you’d want to discuss over coffee. It’s awkward, it’s uncomfortable, and a lot of the times we just don’t know how to talk about it. But alas, it takes two to tango.


Make sexual assault a problem men feel compelled to talk about with one another, and incentivise bros to be vocal advocates of the cause. The tone of the work is up to you.

Choose a relevant medium (be digitally driven but clever about it, if a drink coaster makes the most sense for the idea then do it), and find a way to make an informative statement that gets men talking and/or getting involved.  



Diana Perez



I’m a copywriter at Droga5 New York. I’ve worked with some shiny brands like Google, Under Armour, and an ex-presidential candidate that rhymes with Celery Hilton.